What we do

We are the Change we wish to see in the World.

We are an integral part in improving businesses.

We believe that every business should return value to society and its shareholders. In order to create value every business will need to focus in achieving the desired results to make it possible, either on financial, operational or technological dimensions.

We exist to serve businesses in delivering results and VM2C is the management’s formula to achieve them.

Interim Management

Partnering with K11 Consulting GmbH an international boutique powerhouse in interim Management, we have a long experience in delivering results with interim resources for SMEs and large corporations. From restructuring departments, to drive internationalization and regional business growth, or simply to replace senior executives or directors during personal life events, the application of interim management are diverse.

Our specialty is the deep understanding of regional markets for: English, German, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

We specialize in
Quality Executives
General Managers
Chief X Officers
Business Finance Managers
Quality Executives
Supply Chain Executives
Heads of Legal and Compliance.

Merge and Acquisitions

A successful M&A deal requires the right crew to grasp all aspects of the business to collaborate and strategize with other parties – risk capital, banks, buyer, seller, staff. Our team has a deep understanding of all sides of negotiation table and we specialize in industrial and technology businesses. We support all phases of the process: procurement, analysis, deal-making, due diligence, post-acquisition/merger integration and business continuity.

We bring our expertise in executing intermediate activities such as: direct or indirect intelligence/data gathering, including market research; asset assessment, operations and customer relations; supporting the due diligence process in assessment of financials, organisation, technology and operations.

Turn Around and Transformation

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

The author of the quote is fictional character but it is perfect to depict leadership’s reaction to real-life challenges of every business. Turn Around and Transformation are not services but necessary means to deliver results.

In today’s ever changing environment most businesses face the possibility of disruption around the corner, from external effects of global pandemics to simply downturn in customer demand. Therefore a leader must be ready to brace for impact and protect business results, either through transformation to preempt imposing change or to turn the company around when realising the direction taken is aimed at disaster.

Since results are the foundation for value creation, we  improve, maintain or recover sustainable results.

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Interim Management

International boutique powerhouse in interim Management, we have a long […]

Turn Around and Transformation

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and […]

Merge and Acquisitions

Every successful M&A deal is done with the right crew that can grasp all aspects […]